About Frank Morrison

Mr. Frank Morrison draws the pictures for my journal, and they are so cool!! When Mr. Morrison draws pictures for a book, he is called an illustrator. But he makes other pictures and paintings, too, so it’s probably better to call him an ARTIST. Mr. Morrison lives in Atlanta, Georgia, but you can find his art in lots of places all over the world.

One place where you can find Mr. Morrison’s art is in wooden picture frames at art galleries. When an art gallery hangs up a whole bunch of Frank Morrison’s paintings at one time, that is called an exhibition. If you want to read more about Frank and find out when he has exhibitions, you can visit his Web site at http://morrisongraphics.com.

I had an exhibition of my artwork once, but it wasn’t exactly at a real art gallery. It was on the refrigerator door, and the only people who came were Mom and Brian. It was still fun, though!

Now you know all about Frank Morrison.


Keena Ford