About Melissa Thomson

Melissa Thomson is a teacher. She helps me write my journals. She is also the one who gives my journals to the publisher. The publisher is the person who sends my journals to the bookstores. It takes a few people to get the book-making job done. It’s kind of like farming, because someone gives the seeds to the farmer, the farmer grows vegetables from the seeds, and then the farmer gives the vegetables to the supermarket. I have never been to a vegetable farm, but I would like to go someday. If you want to read more about Melissa Thomson, you can go to her Web site, which is http://melissathomson.com. She’s the most important person on that Web site because it’s her Web site. And I’m the most important person on this Web site because it’s MY Web site. So you can click on About the Book to read more about me.


Keena Ford