If you want to contact me, you can send me an email at!

If you are wondering how you can get copies of my books, I will tell you three ways.

1. If you click on this underlined writing, you can buy my books and they will send them right to your house! You have to get a grown-up to help you, though. Buying books from a Web site is a grown-up job, like driving a car or deciding when it’s time to go home from the pool.

2. You can go to your local bookstore. It’s fun to go to the bookstore because you can touch the books and read the writing on the back of them. You don’t have to keep your hands behind your back like you do in stores that sell breakable stuff like teacups.

3. You can also ask for my books at the library. The librarian will let you take the books home if you promise to bring them back!